Responsive web design

On the rise on smartphones and tablets more than half of all internet users access online content from their mobile devices.

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Do you know you may be losing customers, if your website is not optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.

If your website is not optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, then you may be losing customers. We design web sites that can be viewed on desktops as well as mobile devices, or we can take it a step further, and design a dedicated mobile site that your customers can be automatically directed to while on-the-go. To make the website compatible and adapt itself to devices with different resolutions and sizes, the responsive design will play an integral part in developing any web application or site.

What is responsive web design?

When a website is designed and developed, the display qualities is rendered to a full screen monitor of a PC or laptop, which when viewed on a screen of different size or resolution needs readjustment by the end user. To reduce the consequences of losing visitors or prospective clients, web designers and developers have devised a method by using the CSS that will automatically adjust webpage layouts for optimal content display for any screen size or resolution.

Looking for better business performance? Responsive design is must.

Now a days mobile browsing is taking over desktop browsing and is increasing day by day. Online businesses are now looking forward to adapting new strategies to render users a feature-rich experience using a responsive design. And since responsive design makes website compatible with devices of almost all sizes, enterprises can attract customers without any technical hindrances.

Responsive design for search engine optimization

One single site to maintain means that SEO analysts have to build a single set of links, avoiding extra server load, site speed and maintenance issues. Since search engines does not optimize for search based on devices, the onus is on the SEO to redirect customers to the site to meet their device needs.

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