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Rasal’s birthday

It was a wonderful day for all members of MAXSOP because it was a birthday of Md Ashraful Islam department head of Graphic in MAXSOP. It’s a wonderful moments for us, we sang birthday song together like chorus. Took picture during cutting cake and put on the flash light. It’s a WOW party and passed time enjoy and happiness.

17 August 2018

Celebrated Chief Graphic Designer (CGD) birthday on last Friday

Retina in Live!

Last Sunday MAXSOP team handover an education management to Retina. It was a wonderful moment both of us because we have completed a large project with makes our client happy. The authority of Retina was very and satisfied with our software. The really waiting for it what was we made. Our professional team work hard for completing this project long time and done it in time frame.

Inauguration of a class and exam management software at Retina Coaching Center.

Orchid in live

Orchid home deco is getting start new software in their business developed by MAXSOP. After working a long period of time MAXSOP team successfully completed it and handover to Orchid last Monday. It was a large and long time project for MAXSOP team. Inventory software will work like a monster in Orchid. It automatic maintains their all systems and accounts. Through the opening of inventory management software created a better business relationship between MAXSOP and orchid. We are looking forward through it.

Opening of inventory management system software at Orchid.

Birthday of Ikramuzzaman Akand

It was a pretty moment for us when our CEO put off the candle on cake. Last Sunday we decorated whole office and make lighter for being the birthday party. Everybody stopped their all work for thirty minute and joined with us. Some guest and clients also present with us. It was like a get-together of agency and client. All of them have passed a wonderful time.

Happiest moment of MAXSOP, CEO’s birthday party.

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